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Pardon 3.1 August 26 2004 We're happy to announce the brand new Pardon 3.1. It contains a new Vocabulary Practice tool, new dictionaries and some minor enhancements and bug fixes. Download it if you haven't got it already! Also, send us your feedback!

Click here to see a list of available dictionaries!

What is Pardon?

Pardon is a comprehensive dictionary utility. Many extensive dictionaries are available, and are easily installed automatically. Pardon provides quick lookups, is very easy to use, and supports cross-references, grammar and relations between words. Pardon also includes a Vocabulary Practice tool, extensive documentation, and the interface has been localized to many common languages.



Pardon is shareware

If you decide to continue using Pardon after a short period of testing, you are required to purchase one or more licenses. More information is available on the registration page, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have by email.

Qty. Product Price
Pardon 3.0 $15
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