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Pardon has been localized by volunteers around the globe, and is available in many languages. The list of available languages can be found below. Click the language you want to download.

Automatic installation

If you're accessing this page from within Pardon, the language files will be automatically downloaded and installed by Pardon when you click the link.

Language Author
Dutch Paul Lowagie
French Yann Van Wassenhove
German Dietmar Fiesel
Interlingua Jan ┼rmann
Italian Marco D'Amato
Norwegian SoftBear
Spanish Mˇnica Ramos
Swedish Jan ┼rmann
Turkish Cengiz ▄LK▄

Want to add your language?

If you're interested in localizing Pardon to your language, please drop us a line! We have created a special utility that will allow you to easily localize Pardon without any technical skills. The entire operation should take about fifteen minutes of your time.

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