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If you experience problems with our software, or have general inquiries, please contact us.


We strongly encourage you to post a message in the forum instead of sending us an e-mail, because it takes a great load off our support system. Users don't have to send us the same questions over and over again, because they can find the solution to their problems by looking at previous posts. We give posts in the forums top priority, and you get just as quick and good responses from us as you would have by sending an e-mail.

By posting in the forums, you help other users to solve their problems by reading your post and its replies. If your question or problem is of a general nature, please consider posting it here instead of sending us an e-mail.

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If you want to get help by e-mail, please send a comprehensive description of your problem to our e-mail address support@softbear.no. You can also contact us on this address if you have questions regarding licensing, distribution or dictionaries. We try to reply to all e-mails within two business days, but we cannot diagnose your problem if you do not provide an extensive description of it.

Our email address is:

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